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I’ve been a bit out of sorts

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I’ve been a bit out of sorts

So over the past year quite a bit has changed. And quite a bit is still changing. Some for the worst ; some for the better.

I’m now separated and in the process of divorce. I have also been packing and preparing to sell my home. Thinning out the accumulated crap of my life and getting back to what I call my happy place. Been quite a journey with some pretty severe lows, but I am making progress.

I have been expanding on my photography equipment for basic photography services and am working a with a close friend to get things rolling there, some extra cash to pay for the investment would be most welcome! I have also gone back to full time work at the studio I was working at prior to my foray into the freelance world. Steady income is a must right now as I transition through this uncertain part of my story.

Everything has been on hold for the last year so I have no new printing news. I still have projects on the table but just have not had the motivation to pursue so my Chandler and Price has been sitting idle while I get my head back together.

The exciting part is that I will be buying a new home this summer and will be re-building my letterpress shop in a new and hopefully larger space. I can’t wait to get this part of my life back. I feel the need to put some ink on paper!

More to come in the upcoming months…

Jacob Tremblay

I have been working in the printing industry for over 25 years. I have a strong work ethic and strive to keep myself competitive in my industry by constantly learning new methods, equipment and software. I can work a project from concept to completion, doing each step along the way from design to print. It has taken many years and many changes in the industry to get to where I am today.


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