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My Press is Home!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. Yesterday despite the weather, we were able to successfully move the Chandler and Price 10×15 press from the church where it was found to its new home. I was extremely stressed over the whole ordeal for fear that something would break but it was a whole lot easier to do than I predicted. Everything went better than expected and the press made it home with no problems.

Letterpress Printing

Just Getting Started. I am starting to expand my current design services to include specialty small run letterpress printing and I am looking for some input and/or information on getting started. I live in Seminole, Florida and want to start printing small items starting with business cards for my...

Lowe’s Style Selections Line Review

Product line review with POG. Labels and label design based on existing Lowes standards. Fully rendered bay with slider and updated graphics.