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GE Repulsion Induction Motor installed

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Chandler and Price 10x15 Old Style Press with GE Repulsion Induction Motor Installed

GE Repulsion Induction Motor installed

Success! The press is moving under its own power with the original GE Repulsion Induction Motor Installed!

The GE Repulsion Induction Motor installed onto the Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Old Style Letterpress and the press is moving under its own power once again.

We are officially on our way to making our first impressions!

Yesterday, after what seemed like an eternity, even though in reality it has only been a few weeks, we re-wired and belted up the GE Repulsion Induction Motor to the press and plugged her in. Was a successful test run and I am now super excited to move into the next stages.

So on Friday, I cleaned up the wiring on the GE Repulsion Induction Motor and prepared everything to be mounted. I had finally found some wiring information online regarding this type of motor and after some initial tests with a good friend I was confident about the way I was going to wire it. I went to the store and picked up the last few pieces for the wiring; a junction box etc… I was ready to go. I grabbed the can of WD40 and went around the press one last time flooding all the oil holes and contact points. I then proceeded to have a few beers and relax waiting for the big event come morning.

Saturday morning rolled around, and we proceeded to go about the final wiring of the motor into the junction and switch boxes. We mounted the feed table and positioned and attached the new switch underneath. Next we aligned and tensioned the GE Repulsion Induction Motor and belt to the press and then secured everything down.

I went around the press with the oil can and hit all the oil holes with some fresh 30 weight oil until each hole was dripping. Gave her a few turns by hand and went around again hitting each each hole. I did this three or four times. I wanted to make sure the oil was down in there real good before we hit the power button.


We plugged her in… Flicked the switch… And off she went. I was all at once Impressed, Excited and absolutely terrified! I was not expecting it to go as fast as it did. I am not sure why, I guess that after a month of slowly turning by hand I had somehow forgot what was going to happen when powered up! Fortunately, after running it for a bit, I re-acclimated my mind to the speed and even though the press did not slow down, my perception of the speed did and I realized it was not as bad as it seemed. But darn, at first I was a bit shocked!

Now comes the fun stuff!

Now that we have the press back together and in working order it time to really go at getting the rest of the shop together and acquire the pieces we need to actually put ink on paper… For instance we need ink… we need paper… and most importantly we need the rollers re-covered. So while I save money to acquire at least the pieces I will continue to build out the shelving, sort and clean all the little bits and plan what we are going to put in the press first.

I have promised my wife that her new Fork In The Road Mobile Eatery business cards would be first run…

Guess I’d better get on that!
I celebration of this milestone, I have put together a quick little video. I apologize in advance for the lousy video footage, I am by no means a videographer but I will be getting more footage recorded as we get going so hopefully it gets better. Enjoy!

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I have been working in the printing industry for over 25 years. I have a strong work ethic and strive to keep myself competitive in my industry by constantly learning new methods, equipment and software. I can work a project from concept to completion, doing each step along the way from design to print. It has taken many years and many changes in the industry to get to where I am today.


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