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It’s Official – I have a press…

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It’s Official – I have a press…

Well almost…
It is paid for and waiting to be moved!

I have officially purchased a Chandler & Price Old Style 10 x 15 Letter Press. I have not yet located the serial number as the press is in a pretty awkward place and it is really dark in and kinda creepy.

Yesterday I made the final payment and started the move. I have already transported most of the smaller items including the trays of type, furniture, quoins and keys and other various items. Next week I will be arranging to bring home the press and then the real fun starts.

This is going to be real interesting moving this item. Not only do we have to remove part of a wall to get it out of the room it is in, we then have to get it up my driveway which could prove to be the most interesting part of the day!

I have also been working on a new logo. We will soon be converting this site over. Looking forward to new updates!

More to come… I’m so excited! Sorry for the crappy pictures, I get so crazy around this thing I actually start shaking!


Jacob Tremblay

I have been working in the printing industry for over 25 years. I have a strong work ethic and strive to keep myself competitive in my industry by constantly learning new methods, equipment and software. I can work a project from concept to completion, doing each step along the way from design to print. It has taken many years and many changes in the industry to get to where I am today.


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