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My Wish List of Letterpress Books

Here I present my wish list of letterpress books. There are also books on general graphic design and other printing related topics. Plus, I have included some links to videos and other fun letterpress related items.

My goal here is to acquire each book for my shop library. As I go along I plan to write some quick book reviews after I read them. I  fore-warn you now; This might take a little time due to the whole starving artist thing.

Needless to say, this list is currently acting as my wish list! If you know of any Letterpress or other printing related items not included here; and I know there are probably many, let me know. I will gladly add them to this list.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on the bath mats!

Please use this link for the complete list of letterpress book items available on Amazon

Jacob Tremblay - Lover of Letterpress Books
Jacob Tremblay

As I acquire the books I will be writing reviews you can read here: Letterpress Book Reviews.

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