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My Press is Home!

My Press is Home!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. Yesterday despite the weather, we were able to successfully move the Chandler and Price 10×15 press from the church where it was found to its new home. I was extremely stressed over the whole ordeal for fear that something would break but it was a whole lot easier to do than I predicted. Everything went better than expected and the press made it home with no problems.

As seen in  the pictures the press was located in the bottom of an outbuilding at a local church here in Seminole, FL and had apparently been sitting there for quite some time. I was told that it had been there since somewhere around 1960 but could can only date back to 1972 as I found printed materials in the room including an old and dated newspaper. There was still type in two of the chases that were dated 2003 so I can only assume that that was the last time the press was used.

The only major hitch we had, and made things a bit more difficult, was that the rails the press were sitting on were rotted. As soon as we jacked the press up a little the rails fell right off. I guess it is more of a blessing, I didn’t want those nasty boards in my garage anyway. So we had to make some adjustments to our plan which worked out, I would not recommend it to anyone but its all we had and it had to get done. It was not the most stable of methods and I was wicked stressed the whole time!

So the only other set back of sorts and it was a gamble to begin with was that we were unable to wiggle the press through the door as ideal as it would have been. The Horton wheel on the side made it way to wide so we had to open the wall up and push it through that way. Once we were out of the room it was a straight shot to the trailer.

At this point we had to swap out one of the dollies as it was starting to fail, then we hooked up a chain, used a come-along and two heavy duty ratchet straps and up it went. Much to my amazement it was wicked smooth process. Also, we had cut down a piece of plywood to smooth the transition from ground to trailer and also make easing the press up the ramp easier by providing a smooth surface.

It was also pouring like crazy and we were under a carport so the whole time, that tin roof roar was so loud you had to yell to be heard! Crazy rain! It actually let up just as we were about to pull away for the trip home home… thank god! We had a blue tarp wrapped over the press and it made it all the way home with barely a drop of water getting on it. Amazing!

So now we were at the house, and I have what everyone calls the drive way from hell. This was the single most stressful part of the whole deal. I started up the hill and about half way up the tongue bottoms out on the driveway… I step on the gas and try to grind it over the hump and the truck starts fishtailing, meanwhile mind you the press is at a near 45 degree angle in the driveway and the truck is bouncing and sliding thanks to the wet driveway! Finally one last push and it goes, those straps held and we were up! Dropped the gate, set up the ply, and boom down came the press smooth as silk!

Now come the fun part. New rails and a super clean-up as it is a horrible mess… but I believe that if it had’t been covered in grease and grime as it is it would not have stood up to the elements as well as it did.


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