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Portfolio of Works


Print Designs

Graphic design for all types of media. Specializing in Packaging and label design, Instruction Manual devolopement and layout including Creating illustrations, Magazine and print ads, Catalog design, web design and more!...


3d Design & Rendering

Full 3d model construction and illustration for multiple uses in graphic design including event virtual walk-throughs small parts drawings and instruction manual illustrations and full blown presentation rendering of product and product displays....


Letterpress Printing

Old style artisan printing on an early 1900's Chandler & Price 10x15 Old Style Platen Press. Each piece is individually hand fed and unique by its very nature. Most projects (not including coasters) are printed on 100% cotton paper with a slightly debossed impression for a feel both visual and physical that just cannot be matched by any other printing process....


Banner Stands

What to say about banner stands. They are versatile, attention grabbing and easy to change graphics. A great accessory to any tradeshow setup. And they can be easily shipped for those last minute booth additions....