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So About The Ads

Google Analytics and Adsense. It's all about the numbers.

So About The Ads

So about the Ads. First off, let me apologize. I know everyone hates them. Ads. They are everywhere. Now even here.

You may be asking yourself… Why Here?

Let me explain. This is my website. I use it not only for showcasing my work and services, but also as a learning platform. So on that note… Ads… Ughh!

Well, what can I say except that it’s what I am trying to learn about right now. Working with newsfeeds, Google Analytics and SEO, and obviously monetizing websites through AdSense and generating solid website traffic. No, it’s not glamorous and yes everyone hates it, but in todays world it’s a necessity to know how all this stuff works and how you can help your customer/client better their web presence.

Looking Forward

Working with Google Analytics and Google Adsense

Google Analytics

Over the years I have used Google Analytics to monitor traffic on websites. To date it was mostly just to watch site traffic and user numbers. But Google Analytics does way more than just that and I need or want to learn how to get more out of what the system offers and better understand how to use the tools and reports.


Google AdSenseSo about the ads. Part of the analytics system is geared towards goals. I wanted to get a better understanding of how this portion of the system works so I needed to set up some sort of income (could have been a shopping cart but I have no physical product to sell yet!) and so I looked towards Google Adsense to fulfill this need. Hence the Ads.

So again I do apologize for spattering ads all over the place, but it was a necessity for the learning process to move forward.

I believe learning by doing is the best way to retain information.

So now the shameless plug… Check out the Newsroom… There’s some good stuff in there. I really the Arts Culture Room and the newest addition: Digital Photography. Still working on the feeds for that one.

Jacob Tremblay

I have been working in the printing industry for over 25 years. I have a strong work ethic and strive to keep myself competitive in my industry by constantly learning new methods, equipment and software. I can work a project from concept to completion, doing each step along the way from design to print. It has taken many years and many changes in the industry to get to where I am today.


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