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Letterpress Print Shop – Setting up

Working in the Letterpress Print Shop

So as you know I have been working on getting things rolling in the letterpress print shop. I’m going to keep this short, but I have been busy… well… not that busy… I mean busy… but not too busy…

My first set-up

As you may or may not know I have acquired and have again running a Chandler and Price 10×15 Old Style press. It is in excellent shape and running as far as I can tell really well with no known or visible problems. I am now, after 6 months finally ready to ink up.

Chandler and Price 10x15 Old Style Press with GE Repulsion Induction Motor Installed

GE Repulsion Induction Motor installed

Success! The press is moving under its own power with the original GE Repulsion Induction Motor Installed!

The GE Repulsion Induction Motor installed onto the Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Old Style Letterpress and the press is moving under its own power once again.

We are officially on our way to making our first impressions!

Yesterday, after what seemed like an eternity, even though in reality it has only been a few weeks, we re-wired and belted up the GE Repulsion Induction Motor to the press and plugged her in. Was a successful test run and I am now super excited to move into the next stages.

So on Friday, I cleaned up the wiring on the GE Repulsion Induction Motor and prepared everything to be mounted. I had finally found some wiring information online regarding this type of motor and after some initial tests with a good friend I was confident about the way I was going to wire it. I went to the store and picked up the last few pieces for the wiring; a junction box etc… I was ready to go. I grabbed the can of WD40 and went around the press one last time flooding all the oil holes and contact points. I then proceeded to have a few beers and relax waiting for the big event come morning.

Saturday morning rolled around, and we proceeded to go about the final wiring of the motor into the junction and switch boxes. We mounted the feed table and positioned and attached the new switch underneath. Next we aligned and tensioned the GE Repulsion Induction Motor and belt to the press and then secured everything down.

Powering Up the press

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015. Well… Not quite yet!

As I progress in the cleaning and re-oiling of the press, I have also been working a little on the old motor. All the while slowly sorting through and organizing not only my shop but all the acquired bits that were included with the press. Sounds like more work that in has been, I have been moving slowly!

So the Motor. This is an antique (obviously!) GE Repulsion Induction Motor; As best I can tell anyway from the research I have conducted. The top plate has been removed at some point, not sure why but also note that the serial number on the press has been ground down to nothing but a trace, so accuracy is of age is near impossible on both press and motor. I can only approximate age to within a ten-15 year frame. Close but not accurate. This motor is still operational and will continue to be the power source for the press. I believe that it may have been original equipment, if not it is approximately the same age as the press from what I can tell.

If anyone has any information on these motors; please let me know. I am not only curious but also would like to have the other information off the plate of a similar or identical motor for my records.

It took some serious digging but I have the wiring figured out, at least for my configuration and after I clean up the wiring leads themselves I will be locating and installing the motor to the new rails.